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Version: v1.8.8.3 | Size: 6.5 Mb

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System Requirements

  • To use EhViewer seamlessly on your device, you need Android 5.0 or above.

What is EhViewer?

EhViewer is a feature-rich Android application designed to enhance the reading experience of comic enthusiasts. This app caters to manga lovers, offering a seamless platform for accessing and organizing a vast collection of comics. With its user-friendly interface and array of useful features, EhViewer stands out as a reliable manga reader application.

One of the key highlights of EhViewer is its zooming functionality, which allows users to effortlessly enlarge smaller text within comic panels, ensuring a comfortable and clear reading experience. The app also automatically saves progress, enabling readers to easily resume their comics from the exact point where they left off.

EhViewer excels in customization options, allowing users to personalize the app according to their preferences. Themes can be modified, launch pages adjusted, list modes set, and details width determined, providing a tailored touch to the reading interface. The ability to download manga for offline enjoyment adds convenience, and users have the flexibility to choose download locations, control the number of simultaneous downloads, and adjust image resolution.

Moreover, EhViewer simplifies comic organization by providing the option to save comics in separate folders, facilitating efficient management of collections. Users can bookmark their favorite comics by adding them to their favorites, ensuring quick and easy access to preferred titles.

With its free core functionality, EhViewer offers a secure and enjoyable reading experience without subscription fees. Comic lovers can explore diverse genres, personalize their reading environment, and immerse themselves in captivating stories through the sleek and intuitive interface of EhViewer.